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May 28, 2004Faisal wins 1st prize in SENTEC Science Fair
Feb 08, 2004Nasir's Birthday
Feb 07, 2004Faisal wins NED MasterMind Quiz 2004-2005!
Feb 01, 2004Lulu's birthday!
Jan 17, 2004NED first year result announced! Faisal in toppers!
Dec 29, 2003Faisal whizzes to Lahore for a one-week trip!
Oct 5, 2003Nasir hits 78.9% in FSC Part-1!
Aug 31, 2003Sarvat clears first year of her degree programme!
August 18, 2003Nasir resumes his 2nd year classes at Agha Khan college.
Aug 9-11, 2003Faisal represented NED at ITCN Asia 2003!
Jul 26-28, 2003Faisal takes ApniUrdu to AQ Khan Software competition!
Feb 8, 2003Nasir's Birthday!
Dec 21, 2002Kashif Nasim got married at Islamabad!


Recent News

New Layla Pics!



July 9, 2003 CIS-United Picnic Video - CIS-United Productions
March 16, 2003 CIS-United Picnic Video - CIS-United Productions
January 1, 2003 Kashif's wedding movie - Nasim.org Productions



Sarvat Nasim
(qanooni girl)
University of London's LLB external programme
Faisal Nasim
(whiz kid!)
in NED!
Nasir Nasim
(doctor saab)
Done with inter papers, Aga Khan College

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